Interactions with prescribers

In all of our interactions with healthcare professionals, our priority is to be transparent about our work, operate with integrity, and always put the interests of patients first.

Pharmaceutical companies have an important role to play in providing healthcare professionals (HCPs) with accurate, high quality information about prescription medication and vaccines.

“We believe transparent scientific dialogue and engagement with experts is in the interests of all those working to develop new medicines, with the aim to improve clinical practice and care for patients. These are the principles that underpin our policy of engagement with HCPs and we remain fully committed to them,” Jon Barbour, Director of Medical Affairs, GSK Ireland. 

For patients to benefit from new medical innovations, HCPs need to access and understand the latest available data and clinical use of the product. Our ability to provide or clarify new data to HCPs is a crucial part of introducing new ideas that have the potential to improve patient health. Consistent feedback from HCPs has shown that they have a clear preference to learn about new data and clinical experience through peer-to-peer programmes with global expert practitioners who have direct experience with our medicines. 

We understand this must be carried out clearly and without any conflict of interest. That’s why we are going further to increase transparency of how we work with HCPs.

We may make payments to HCPs in certain limited circumstances.

GSK will:

  • Make fair market value payments to global expert practitioners who speak about the new science behind selected GSK products, their associated diseases and clinical practice in promotional settings including national meetings, speaker training meetings, GSK standalone meetings, satellite symposia and webinars.
  • Pay reasonable travel costs for an HCP to attend a GSK-organised standalone meeting to learn about data and clinical expertise.
  • Directly pay registration fees for HCPs to attend remote congress webinars/webcasts.

We remain open to supporting Irish HCPs to attend scientific congresses, but only through funding to third parties, so that GSK is not directly involved in decisions relating to the selection on HCPs.

We will continue to pay HCPs for non-promotional activities including:

  • Conducting GSK-sponsored clinical research
  • Advisory activities and market research which provide us with essential insights on specific diseases and patient care

We also continue to support medical education in new and different ways:

  • We continue to believe the industry plays a valuable role in supporting medical education to provide HCPs with information on disease, diagnosis and treatment. We will provide grants to independent organisations that deliver medical education and have no influence over content or who is to be trained. 

We are committed to publicly disclosing payments we make to healthcare professionals. Find out more about our transparency disclosures here.