Employees helping communities

Employee volunteering is important to us. We encourage our people to contribute to their local communities – and give them plenty of support to do so. Every employee is given one paid day off a year for volunteering. We donate to charities that our employees support. Through our PULSE programme, employees can spend up to six months working for a non-profit organisation or non-governmental organisation (NGO).

We’re pleased to be able to support communities and charities. But employee volunteering isn’t purely giving to others. It helps our people to gain new experiences and skills plus, in many cases, a deeper understanding of patient needs.

What is Volunteer Day?

Volunteer Day was launched to give all our employees one paid day off each year to volunteer for a good cause. Employees across the world have supported a wide range of charities and projects including work in local schools, shelters for the homeless, community gardens, nursing homes and communities affected by natural disasters.

What is PULSE Volunteer Partnership?

The PULSE is a skills-based volunteering initiative through which our employees can work with non-profit organisations for three or six months. Employees work full time with the non-profit organisations and lend the same expertise that they have been applying in their GSK roles. By helping non-profits with their most pressing problems – typically providing help that they couldn’t otherwise afford – employees are able to make sustainable impact for the organisations the communities they serve. At the same time the employees
strengthen their leadership skills, broaden their experience and develop new behaviours. After working on the frontlines of healthcare and meeting with the patients, employees feel re-energised and return to us with a renewed connection to help people do more, feel better, live longer.

Employees who completed PULSE assignments in 2012 were found to be 21% more likely to change roles (through promotions, transfers and rotations) and 41% less likely to leave GSK compared to the overall employee population in the same countries. In 2013, surveys conducted with our partners indicated 83% non-profit organisations are doing something differently even six months after the PULSE v olunteers have left.

“PULSE is a great personal opportunity for individuals to experience something different in life, something which gives them the opportunity to recharge their batteries intellectually and emotionally and to open their mind to what is going on and to view things a different way. Moreover, it is a great opportunity for NGOs to get skills.”

Andrew Witty, GSK CEO

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