Marketing Intern

Philip is a HIV and Vaccines Marketing Intern at GSK Dublin.


Philip joined GSK in September 2018 to begin a 10-month internship within the HIV and Vaccines divisions of GSK Dublin as part of his Masters in Marketing Practice from NUI Galway. Much of his work is HIV focused and he works closely with the Marketing Executives and Brand Leads to provide digital and print marketing materials for webinars and meetings.

He receives excellent guidance and opportunities for creativity and independence from his mentors within the HIV and Vaccines divisions. The diverse and challenging nature of the work available has helped Philip to develop his teamwork, communication skills as well as his analytical, technical and practical skills.

A typical day for Philip includes:

  • Morning meetings with team members to discuss and resolve issues of various projects and the planning of future projects

  • Monitoring and updating of social media campaigns

  • Tracking and reporting of weekly sales reports

  • Creating and co-ordinating the production of print pieces for meetings and conferences

  • Localisation and scheduling of global emails for distribution to local HCP’s and nurses

  • Updating the HCP website to ensure compliance and up to date information of new products

  • Meeting with various global teams to progress projects and ensure all teams are aligned and operating towards the same objectives