Graduate Process Engineer


Al is a  Graduate Process Engineer with GSK. He completed his Chemical Engineering degree from Cork Institute of Technology with a First-Class Honours.  He first joined GSK as an Intern Tech Engineer for 8 months in his final year of college and after graduation, joined GSK’s Future Leader Programme. Al has started his first rotation in GMS Cork as a Technical Development Engineer for one of the key oncology products.

Day to Day

  • Value stream meetings and escalation: planning operations/maintenance work/troubleshooting

  • Day-to-day process optimisation

  • Cycle Time Tracking and Data Analysis

  • Cross functional meetings for project specific challenges

  • Engagement with external equipment manufactures

  • Interacting with line managers and R&D central hub

  • Plant related tasks: running trials, visual inspections, trouble shooting of processes, implementing Good Manufacturing Practice, safety and plant walkdowns

Why a career in STEM? 

I believe Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) forms the backbone of this modern generation. It has revolutionised healthcare, transportation, nutrition and many other aspects of our lives which would otherwise be impossible. Since high school, I always had a keen interest to pursue a career in STEM as it allows you to live and work on cutting edge technologies with a sole purpose to improve and build a better lifestyle for everyone.