Business and Supply Chain Apprentice

Why did you choose to pursue an apprenticeship?

In Ireland apprenticeships are not a very common career path, finishing school and going to college is the norm. I never heard of an apprenticeship until the year I was finishing school. I was very fortunate in that I had access to experienced career guidance counsellors at my school.  My guidance teachers were very helpful and informative, they highlighted this apprenticeship here in GSK, I was intrigued as I never considered this option before and I was also amazed what an incredible opportunity it was.

Each apprenticeship is unique and like a lot of things your level of success is determined of what you put in to it. It is what you make of it, you can guide it the way you want, after all it is your career.

How would you describe your role at GSK? 

I am doing an apprenticeship in Business and Supply Chain. The programme I am on facilitates the rotation of roles within the Logistics department for the duration of the apprenticeship. This allows me to gain experience in all areas and get a flavour for what I enjoy most. There is a great social side to the apprenticeship too. There are a number of fantastic trips in the programme whereby you have the opportunity to travel and network with apprentices on a global scale, making great friends along the way. My course is based in England; therefore, I travel over to London every other month for college. There is time allocated during my working week for me to focus on my degree and complete my assignments.

What the advantages of an apprenticeship at GSK? 

There are many advantages of starting my career this way. First of all, I will have a real understanding how companies operate and the business world. I will also have invaluable experience of working in GSK, one of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies which I could never have got from college. I will finish this programme not only with vast knowledge and experience but with a BSc Hons Degree which is the same level of qualification my friends are spending four years in college for. Obviously, another important advantage is the fact that I am earning. I love the independence and the responsibility that I have. I have met some really great people and I have received a tremendous amount of support from my colleagues.  For me this is the best way I could have gone about starting my career. I would 100% recommend choosing an apprenticeship. There is an endless amount of opportunities in a workplace like GSK.