Dan Cork


M.A.M.F (Mechanical Automation and Maintenance Fitting) Phase 7

Why did you choose to pursue an apprenticeship?

I chose to do an apprenticeship because coming from a farming background I have always been interested in the mechanical workings of machines – and I have spent many summers operating large machinery. I was also very much inspired by my Engineering teacher, at school in Coachford Community College. I am also attending extra night courses gaining modules towards a Mechanical Engineering Degree.

What is the highlight of your apprenticeship so far?

Over the course of my four years at GSK, the main highlight has been working with the engineering team and the camaraderie I have built up with them. It is really important to be accepted and welcomed by your peers – particularly when you are a school leaver and some of them are 30 years in the job!

Describe a normal day.

A normal working day for me has changed a lot over the four years. When I started at GSK Cork I would have been paired with a qualified fitter and now I work mainly on my own initiative, while following procedures and the GSK ways of working.

How would you describe your role in 5 words?

Interesting, fun, challenging, rewarding and enjoyable.

What advice would you give to someone considering an apprenticeship?

Research is key. Research the type of apprenticeship and the type of company you want to work for.