To ensure we can continue to deliver high quality products to patients and consumers in the future, we must protect the natural resources we need to make them today.

Worldwide, we are targeting a carbon neutral value chain by 2050 with ambitious goals to reduce carbon, water and waste in the meantime.

Here in Ireland, we have three manufacturing sites; Cork, Dungarvan and Sligo. Each site is taking proactive steps to contribute to GSK targets by generating sustainable energy, reducing our water usage and removing, reducing and recycling waste.


Our focus on replacing oil power with renewable energy has significantly reduced our CO2 footprint in Ireland. In 2014, we installed a wind turbine at our Cork site. The wind turbine produces 24% of the site’s total electricity and since its installation has resulted in a reduction of 13,865 tonnes of C02 emissions.

In Dungarvan, our Biomass plant which opened in 2016, generates €700,000 in energy savings and has removed the need for oil-burned boilers on the site, reducing our CO2 emissions by 33%. You can read more about it here.

Our approach to manufacturing power consumption allows for efficiency optimisation in drawing power from the national grid – which contributes to less demand for electrical power generation nationally.


We are focused on minimising our water usage and contamination across our facilities. At GSK Cork, the water savings projects implemented have saved 165 million litres of water over the last 9 years, reducing our consumption by 50%.

In Dungarvan, where little water is used in the production process the focus is on minimising pollution as well as consumption. Our waste treatment facilities ensure that any water outages from the site are filtered to remove contaminant that might overwise pollute nearby Dungarvan bay.   


Across our manufacturing sites in Ireland, we operate on a zero to landfill policy. At GSK Cork, more than 80% of production waste is recycled or recovered, and 100% of domestic waste is recycled or recovered. In Dungarvan, our largest production facility in Ireland, we have zero impact on bio-diversity while last year we reduced our waste savings by 38%.

Employee driven initiatives

Our employees across Ireland are also playing their part in making our business a sustainable one. We have ditched disposable cups at on-site canteens as well as engaging with tidy towns and local councils to organise weekly clean-ups and planting organisations. In Dungarvan, employees our also supporting bee hotels along the Waterford Greenway.

Looking to our future

By setting ambitious targets to reduce our carbon footprint and investing in renewable energy projects that ensure our value chain is a sustainable one, we are not only future-proofing our business, but we’re looking after our employees, their families, and importantly, the wider communities we operate in.