Our Work with Patient Organisations

Patient organisations play a vital role in Irish health: as well as providing accurate information and support for patients in Ireland, they also act as representatives for patients and ensure their voices are heard and needs are understood.  Patient groups campaign for change on issues that affect the lives of patients and those that care for them.  Some also carry out vital research into the causes and potential treatments for specific conditions.

Why GSK supports patient organisations

We want to support patients groups to continue their great work. We believe we share common goals of wanting to help patients prevent, manage and treat diseases as well as helping make sure patients can access accurate and reliable information and can find support from a trusted group who understand what they are experiencing. We also believe it is important that the voice of the patient is a strong and active one in Irish healthcare and hope that our support helps ensure patient groups can communicate their needs and raise awareness on behalf of their members. 

Our work with Patient Groups in 2019


In Ireland, we work with a wide range of patient organisations in disease areas such as asthma, COPD, HIV, meningitis and migraine.  We are proud to work with these organisations to better the outcomes for their members.  GSK and patient groups share a common concern that the healthcare system should focus on preventing, treating and managing disease, and that patients should have access to high quality medicines, services and information on their illness.

How we work with patient groups

How we support these groups is very important to us at GSK: Ensuring we are transparent about any support we provide and respecting the independence of the organisations are our guiding principles. For example, we always ensure that any contribution we make does not exceed more than a quarter of a group’s annual income. We are very clear there is no commercial influence attached to our decision making process around how we support any patient group nor would we ever ask for any commercial support in return. We want to build sustainable and trusted relationships in the best interest of the patient organisation over the long-term: we have worked with some of our patient groups for over 15 years.