Academic Collaborations

As a global science-led healthcare company, collaborating with the brightest and the best makes sense. Here in Ireland, we have developed key partnerships with leading academic institutions to share knowledge, develop understanding and nurture talent.

We also provide support for science students through fellowships. These collaborations help advance scientific understanding and capability, and gives us access to expertise outside GSK. It also expands our potential recruitment pool, while our academic partners benefit from having access to our facilities, technology and expertise.

We are committed to scientific research and development  

One of own, GSK Cork’s Andrew Whitehead is an adjunct professor at University City Cork. Working as part UCC’s Analytical & Biological Chemistry Research Facility, he assists PhD students in research areas of medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry.

Trinity College Dublin Professor of Biochemistry, Luke O’Neill, is a member of the Immunology Network; an innovative collaboration between GSK and academic institutions. In 2016 and 2017, Luke and his students spent time between TCD and GSK Stevenage researching immunometabolism. The collaborative research has led to the discovery of a new metabolic process to the body that can switch off inflammation. It is hoped this exciting research can be exploited to develop new anti-inflammatory medicines.

Professor Luke O’Neill, Trinity College Dublin, talks about GSK’s Immunology Network: a new model for academia-industry collaboration.

Such a collaboration between academia and industry may give rise to new mechanisms and scientific insights and hopefully, the new medicines and approaches that are still needed for many diseases.

Prof Luke O Neill, Trinity College, Dublin

With Institute of Technology Sligo, we collaborate on exciting projects across the manufacturing space. We partner with PEM (Precision Engineering and Manufacturing) Gateway, providing technical support to researchers who investigate advanced manufacturing techniques.

We also partner with IT Sligo and Catalyst Inc on an EU funded cross-border collaboration where we investigate minimising energy use in manufacturing.

We continue to collaborate with the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Centre. Based at the University of Limerick, it’s ambition is to make Ireland the global hub of pharmaceutical process innovation and advanced manufacturing.

We provide an experience that counts

We offer students from relevant third-level courses placements at our sites across Ireland, giving them the chance to put the knowledge they have learnt into practice while gaining valuable experience by working with seasoned professionals to develop their skillsets.    

At Cork Institute of Technology, we offer students from their Mechanical Engineering and Process Engineering degrees 6-month placements as well as offering guidance and a chance to develop their final projects while embedded on-site.

It’s a mutually beneficial relationship; they learn a lot, bring their energy and work ethic with them, which in turn, inspires us. Placements provide a great source of new blood for the company.

Ed Collins, Energy Lead, GSK Cork

In partnership with the National University of Ireland Galway, students from their Masters of Science in Marketing Practice intern each year at GSK’s Dublin office.

Everyone in GSK works together to achieve business goals which provides a really positive working environment - that’s great as an intern. You’re given real deliverables and can make an impact working with people across the global enterprise.

Dominic Sharkey, Marketing intern 2017-18

In Dungarvan, we also provide placement to Waterford Institute of Technology students studying the Pharmaceutical Science degree course.

Inspiring through STEM

We support Waterford Institute of Technology’s Centre of the Advancement of Learning Maths, Science and Technology (CALMAST); their STEM outreach hub in the South-East. We also provide the GSK Life Sciences Award to SciFest's annual Young Scientists Exhibition for secondary school students which is hosted at WIT.  

These partnerships across Ireland highlight our commitment to scientific research and development, academic collaboration and open innovation. We want students on placement with us to learn from, be inspired by and perform with the best. Our dedication to encouraging youngsters to engage with science and technology is a small part we play in ensuring the future is bright across these important fields.