Media Awards

The 2014 awards were the last year of the GSK Irish Healthcare Media Awards, formerly known as the GSK Irish Medical Media Awards. We have recently introduced a number of fundamental changes to the way we interact with healthcare professionals one of which means that, as of the 1st July, we are no longer making any direct payments to healthcare professionals. Given the sizeable number of entrants who are also healthcare professionals, and the careful consideration we have always been given to the independence and rigour of the judging process, we unfortunately could not find a way to continue the awards without restricting entries.

While we know this is the right thing to do, we did not take this decision lightly:  the awards are something that we have always been very proud of at GSK. We know that we are saying goodbye to what was a great platform for healthcare media excellence for 13 years. Throughout its tenure many of Ireland’s best known journalists have been winners including Dearbhail McDonald, Eithne Donnellen, Dr Muiris Houston, Fergal Bowers,  Kitty Holland and Dr Garret Fitzgerald. To those of you who entered and supported the awards, thank you and continued success.