Cork Community Investment Fund

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What is the GSK Cork Local Community Fund?

A yearly local community fund of €20,000 open to applications from organisations that help the  local community to do more, feel better and live longer.

Why have the GSK Cork Local Community Fund?

We currently donate €thousands to local schools, club, organisations and charities but this largely goes unrecognised. If we package these together as the GSK Cork Local Community Fund and ‘brand’ it and communicate it as such, it will help us to:

  1. Show the local community how GSK Cork adds value and how we make a difference with our support
  2. Strengthen employee engagement and build employee pride
  3. Reflect and echo what we say in our GSK narrative to help make sure we are telling a consistent story about our business - both internally and externally

Furthermore, it means that the donations committee will only need to review applications twice a year which cuts down on admin and time.

About the GSK Cork Local Community Fund

GSK is committed to promoting health and well-being in the communities in which we work. Our charitable and community partnerships are one of the ways through which we invest in society. Identifying the right projects is an important responsibility; that’s why the company takes a strategic, proactive approach* and should not generally support unsolicited requests for funding.

However, at GSK Cork we want to ensure that we promote health and well-being locally in Cork and our Local Community Fund is one of the ways through which we invest in our community.

GSK Cork will make €20,000 worth of funding available to support the work of local charities in 2017. €10,000 will be awarded in the first half of the year and another €10,000 will be awarded in the second half.

*Our strategic and proactive approach includes our employee-nominated GSK Ireland Charity of the Year, the GSK Ireland Impact Awards, our support of Barretstown and Making a Difference Awards.

Application process

Application for funding from €100 up to €1,000 can be made online at xxxxxx.
There is a very strict compliance and due diligence procedure to be followed for every individual application from the GSK Cork Donations Committee and above site compliance.

Criteria for funding

Along with being local to GSK Cork, charities applying for funding from GSK Cork’s Local Community Fund should meet at least one other of the following criteria:

  1. Operates in an area related to GSK core business mission and objectives of Health and Wellbeing and/or in an area of Scientific Education.
  2. Promotes our Green Agenda
  3. Has GSK Cork Employee involvement

Other useful info

Why GSK makes donations

We are a global healthcare company on a mission: To help people do more, feel better, live longer. Our business makes medicines, vaccines and consumer healthcare products. People are at the heart of what we do because healthy people make healthy communities and healthy communities are at the heart of strong societies. GSK pursues this mission not only through the medicines and vaccines we develop and manufacture, but also through a wide variety of community programmes. As a business we have responsibilities to society, and society has expectations of us.

We can’t support everyone

It is also inevitably the case that many more charities meet our criteria than can be supported; so we would ask people to bear this in mind when seeking support but also to point people to the many other ways we support charities in Ireland:

  1. Employee-nominated GSK Ireland Charity of the Year programme: guaranteed funding of €50,000 over a two year period which employees aim to match through various fundraising activities. Our 2016/7 charity partner is Make-A-Wish Ireland.
  2. GSK Ireland Impact Awards:  €60,000 pa donated to small and medium community based healthcare charities
  3. Barretstown, a Serious Fun camp. GSK Ireland donates €25,000 to Barretstown every year
  4. Making a Difference Awards: rewarding employee volunteering. Any GSK Ireland employee can apply for a donation of €500 provided they can provide evidence of 8 hours volunteering with that particular charity in that year.

What we don’t support

  • Any organisation or charity that favours one religion, race or political party over another or should not have as their main purpose, the dissemination of political or religious information and do not otherwise use their charitable work to encourage support for religious or political causes.
  • Any research-based organisation or body
  • Any professional sporting event
  • Any requests for funding for individuals

We also reserve the right to fully disclose all of our charitable donations including the amount and purpose of the funding. Transparency and openness are one of our core values at GSK and we cannot make any donations without being able to share this information publicly.

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